Vincent Laforet on Helping Others: The One Case Auction for Breast Cancer


Vincent Laforet recently blogged about how art can be used serve others in ways not originally intended by the artist. He explains that while he’s been skeptical of using it to promote one’s self, he’s totally sold on using one’s influence as an artist via social media to share with others, and more importantly, help others.

The best thing about the web and/or art – is that it can take on a much bigger meaning than you / your initial intent ever purported to do. Art can exceed our intent as mere artists – and it can (or perhaps other people’s interpretations can) lead to things that we (as artists) never even dared to imagine.

You know what’s better? When that same piece of “art” (a.k.a.: your photograph) can somehow benefit someone else.

Read Vincent’s post and check out the One Case Auction for Breast Cancer, put on by the Milk Gallery and Resource Magazine. Vincent is just one of many artists whose work is being auctioned to benefit individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and lack the means for treatment.

Remember, you don’t need a gallery or a sponsor to use art to raise funds, but collaborating with other artists can dramatically increase the amount of good you can accomplish!